Racing Kits & Rainbow Kittens!

For 2014/15 I’ve had fun designing my friend Nathan’s race kit. It’s an opportunity for me to stretch into a somewhat unfamiliar design space, and Nathan is very easy to work with; thus allowing me a lot of creative freedom.

For anyone who hasn’t met Nathan, he’s anything but a shrinking violet! He has a vibrant personality and there’s never a dull moment when he’s around. I wanted to carry some of that vibrancy through into the designs, combined with a contemporary feel.

While vibrancy in a myriad of rainbow colours can sometimes equal pure awesomeness, I thought for Nathan’s kit we would rein it in, just a little. So no rainbow, butterfly, unicorn, kitten this time around, but one day.

I decided to use just a single vibrant colour, set against monotones. It was also important to reference that Nathan was Canadian.
The obvious choice would have been red but neither of us felt that worked in the context of the design and we settled on a very bright green. 
Instead I brought the Canadian connection through in a series of maple leaves, in monotone, combined with a couple of smaller bright green ones.

Sponsor Logos are always challenging; they can very quickly overtake a space visually. 
Nathan had a lot of logos to include and I wanted to avoid the myriad of rainbow colours that would arise from adding these in their original form. 
Luckily his sponsors were ok with colour modifications, and I was able to carry my original design intention throughout the piece unhindered.

So here we have the completed designs. For the bike kit I went with a slightly more retro feel for 2015, whereas the tri-suit remains unchanged from 2014 / 2015. 
So it looks like I’m going to have to find a way to sneak a rainbow kitten into my designs elsewhere, perhaps at work instead ;)


Tamasin Reno, Racing, Kit Design, Triathlon.

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